SQURE Messenger For Android — Secure Messaging And Texting At Hand

squreFrom a privacy perspective, we can safely say SQURE Messenger is not just another newbie messaging App. As this innovative messenger prepares to  leave its mark in the  escalating messaging App war, it’s clear that addressing security concerns will soon be the main distinguishing factor of messaging Apps. However, VAPC Interactive Solutions AG has cut the mustard to bring back texting privacy in the effort to make messaging more secure.

Content and Features

Features-wise, SQURE Messenger is a credit to private messaging. Whether it’s a cozy group chat or a one-to-one conversation, the App is packed with 4096-bit RSA and 256-bit AES encryption technology to safeguard your privacy. Besides secure conversations, it also makes it harder for eavesdroppers to crack your password. In addition to compatibility with all your SMS applications, the App also encrypts all messages on your phone using the end-to-end (E2E) technology. This guarantees that every text message is encrypted as soon as you tap the send icon. Similarly, the App limits access to third parties as it uses a public decryption key that is only restricted to the sender and recipients respectively.

Squre messenger

Encrypting messages is not all that SQURE Messenger does. The App also stores all your phone’s data, internal phone book and message history safely encrypted on your phone using SQLCipher open-source library. As an effort to aid novice users, SQURE Messenger also has an in-built application to get them through the App with much ease.

Design and Appearance

Squre messenger

SQURE Messenger has an intriguing design with a notable blend of functionality and aesthetics. Its remarkable easy-to-use interface displays all the necessary tools upfront with minimal navigation. On the settings tool bar options to change your pin code, profile photo and key pair are clearly highlighted. The App also supports exporting and importing contacts to or from your SD card. However, the ‘Change Pin Code Length’ option uniquely stands out from the rest as it enables users to set their phone activation/pin code to up to six digits.

The Good:

* Sleek and User Friendly Interface.
* Supports 4096 RSA and 256 AES bit encryption.
* Syncs both application and global phone books.
* Support for landscape/portrait mode and profile photos.

The Not So Good:

* Secure image sharing would be a good touch.

The Verdict!

Squre messenger

In a heavily monitored and digitally controlled world, secure messaging can be an uphill task. However, no App values the essence of private and confidential messaging like SQURE Messenger. In fact, texting sensitive information such as transaction details, health status and classified info to your recipients is now a walk in the park. To sum it all, if you’re fed up with text message snoopers, here’s your solution. You can download SQURE Messenger at Google Play and the best part, it’s free!

The Apple Google Rating: 4.5/5

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