OnePlus One StyleSwap Covers Cancelled

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe OnePlus One is popular because of its high-end specs and extremely subsidized price tag, but another feature that had quite a few people excited was their upcoming StyleSwap covers. StyleSwap covers are basically replacements for the back cover on the OnePlus, and they were supposed to come in different materials, like bamboo, kevlar etc. Unfortunately, due to ‘production issues’, OnePlus has been forced to have a change of heart, as they announced that they have abolished this plan for now.

They claimed that their devices had some production issues that rendered the cover removal mechanism unreliable and prone to damage, not only to the body but the then exposed battery as well.

Ultimately, we made the very hard choice to stop production of StyleSwap covers for the OnePlus One

We simply aren’t comfortable mass releasing a product that does not offer the best user experience.

However, there is still a tiny glimmer of hope. OnePlus also informed us that a few bamboo wood cases did make it into the daylight successfully, so if you’re lucky you might be able to snag one:

We do still have a small number of Bamboo covers that have already been produced and look amazing. We are going to sell this limited stock and will provide explicit instructions on how to replace your cover without damaging the cover, phone or battery.

Lastly, OnePlus admits this was a mistake on their part, and that they are “much more knowledgeable and know what steps to take to ensure this won’t be a problem for the OnePlus 2”, and they are also exploring the option for limited-edition devices with these custom covers pre fitted:

We are also still looking into the possibility of releasing limited edition Ones which come with a Kevlar or Denim cover out of the box. We are learning more and will keep you posted.

Are you a OnePlus owner? What do you think about this, is this a great let down, or do you see OnePlus’ point?

(Via AndroidCentral)

Source: OnePlus Forums

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