Godfire:Rise of Prometheus For iOS — Extraordinary Battle Of The Gods

godfireFor those of us who love Greek mythology and combat-based games, Godfire:Rise of Prometheus is here to fulfil both those cravings. Featuring Prometheus, the legendary Greek titan who gave fire to man, Godfire has an absolutely thrilling storyline. In fact, in a remarkable display of creative gaming graphics, Godfire: Rise of Prometheus sets off with a sensational video with the Greek legend battling Zeus on a flying chariot. Although the game resembles God of War, it is not short of thrilling and stimulating action.

Content and Features


With an exquisite blend of captivating cut-scenes and a wide choice of weapons and armour, Godfire is purely an all action game. The App has a majestic background that acts as a spectacular platform on which the game levels, such as the hard mode’s “Forsaken Tomb” and the relentless enemy-filled  “Survival” mode  are played on. As the legendary storyline demands, you get to play as Prometheus as you battle multitudes of unremitting enemies by means of a vigorous and scintillating combat system coupled with unique gut-wrenching moves to derail enemy attacks. Godfire also allows gamers to skilfully combine a wide array of attacking combos. Upon successfully completing any mission you earn points that improve your combat skills and enhance your ability to take out your rivals with multiple combos.


In addition to a brutal and electrifying combat against hordes of humongous monsters and henchmen, Godfire is also an adventurous game in the sense that it is built with a set of 7 majestic theme-based environments that you can  freely explore as you solve puzzles and open chests to unlock magical secrets. During gameplay, you also get to collect tons of relics that power up your combat skills. For instance, Ariadne’s thread will guide you towards unlocking secrets that ease game play, while other relics make it easier to locate hidden chests. Similarly, the money earned while playing can be used to upgrade your body armour and weapons, such as the ‘’Steel Destroyer’’ which is a set of two double-edged swords as well as a Spartan armour, grund minion.

Design and Appearance

Godfire has impressive graphics and remarkable animation powered by Unreal Engine — a reputable gaming graphics developer. Godfire also has a display of health level for both Prometheus and his adversaries at the top of the main screen, as well as interchanging motion and action buttons at the bottom. The game also has superb sound effects that includes an innovatively used voice acting.


The game has a set of controls that include a touch-based joystick, and motion and combat context-dependent buttons that allow you to evade enemy attacks by ducking and rolling in the battle arena, as well as to launch a series of both light and heavy–impact blows. The game’s design also allows for unique avatar customization in both weaponry and armoury that in turn equips Prometheus with more powerful weapons as the game proceeds to difficult levels.

The Good:

* Thrilling Mythical Action Packed levels of Game play.
* 3D graphics and sound effects
* Vast Customization with In-App purchases .
* Responsive touch-based controls.

The Not So Good:

* A slightly slow pace.

The Verdict!


With a captivating storyline behind the legendary Prometheus, Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is a great game to play. At the moment, we don’t think there is a better way to feel the addictive action of battles with relentless waves of ferocious enemies than with Godfire. Get all the action here for only $0.99 at 40% discount for a limited time only!

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4/5



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