Fancy Tips for iOS — Quick Gratuities (Review)

fancy tipsWhen it comes to tipping, how quickly are you able to figure out how much to give? Although gratuities are considered to be customary gestures of appreciation, vague rules have been laid out to govern this routine custom. At times, it can be quite startling to not only tell how much but also whom to tip. Developed by Levgenii Lebid, Fancy Tips is an outstanding App that has got users to master the tipping art.

Content and Features


Content-wise, Fancy Tips is remarkably feature-packed with exclusive tipping niceties. For instance, the App has a service-based tipping calculator that does all the tipping math to prevent you from thrifty gratuities. It allows users to perform calculations involving splitting bills and exclusion of sales tax with extreme ease. It also rounds off tip amounts to whole numbers for easier calculation. In case you can’t figure out how much to tip a maître d’hôtel for commendable service, Fancy Tips has an exclusive tip guide that offers credible tipping advice applicable in over 240 countries. For example, Fancy Tips will advise you not to tip a waiter in Japan as gratuities in Japan are considered to be offensive.

Design and Appearance


In the App’s Settings you can enable/disable country-based advice, tax exclusion from bills, as well as an “auto detect country” feature designed to automatically detect the user’s country and currency. Fancy Tips is also designed to advise users not only on tip amounts but also on the current and most favourable tipping rates based on local customs and services offered. In France, for instance, the App informs you that decent restaurant tips are equivalent to 5% of the total bill. Tip calculations are done on standard calculator with check amounts at the top. The calculator also displays two rows that indicate the present-day tip rates and amount per individual. And just a shake of your iPhone clears the previous result.

The Good:

* Simple and Customizable User Interface
* Tip guide for 240 countries.
* Automatic Currency Detection
* Tip Calculator that excludes sales tax

The Not So Good:

* None that we found.

The Verdict!


Fancy Tips is a great travel companion. With a splendid calculator for fast and smart tipping, as well as a customizable interface, you can tip valets, cabbies, waitresses, and bar tenders with the proper etiquette regardless of where you are. We recommend that you try Fancy Tips next time you travel to a foreign country. Fancy Tips is free to download from here.

 The AppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5


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