Enemy Dawn For iOS — Electrifying WWII Warfare Game

edFinally, the most anticipated, nerve-racking warfare and air assault game of the year, Enemy Dawn, is out! After watching the game trailers, it’s impossible to not jump right into the WWII action. Based on an inspirational storyline of Poland’s invasion in 1939, expect nothing short of non-stop action as you shoot down enemy aircraft with ground-to-air Katyusha rockets. It only gets better as you neutralize enemy infantry on the ground and take the battle to the battleships. Developed by Simplus Technologies Group, LLC, Enemy dawn brings a unique and electrifying gaming experience in a deluxe, action-packed combo!

Content and Features

Enemy Dawn

Enemy Dawn is a feature-packed App. With 5 challenging levels of gameplay and tons of firepower, gamers are in for a never-ending action treat. The powerful artillery you get to use includes a mobile Katyusha rocket launcher to neutralize ruthless ground, aerial and naval attacks. But make no mistake in taking rival German Ju-87 Stuka bomber Aircraft, battleships and panzer tanks to be a walk in the park. As a decorated Polish soldier, your sole mission is to liberate Nazi oppressed Polish towns. To begin with, you are equipped with 8 rockets strong enough to take out German tanks and bomber planes. On the way you need to collect parachute supply drops and re-fuel to keep the action going.

Enemy Dawn

Enemy Dawn gets more challenging as you get past level 2. In fact, in level 2 you need to be at the top of your game to take out enemy aircrafts with accuracy before they target your rocket launcher. And just like in a real war, battleground strategies, like blowing up passage bridges, give you a better chance of making it to the next exhilarating round.

Enemy Dawn

Other features include a point-based reward system used to unlock new levels. Enemy Dawn also demands that you create exceptional defence strategies to stay alive. For instance, level 5 challenges your strategy skills as you fight to secure the Danzig Harbour from a ruthless battleship.

Design and Appearance

Enemy Dawn

With a superb blend of outstanding graphics and optional controls, Enemy Dawn exhibits a remarkably designed and creative user interface. On the settings tool bar you can change the game controls from the default “Control 1” tilt settings to a joystick navigating “Control 2” setting with a tap-to-fire button. There is also a choice of up to 4 languages: Spanish,English,Chinese and Japanese. Enemy Dawn has an exquisite display of countless explosions, flying rockets and random motion of enemy artillery that makes it absolutely captivating, with a fantastic background audio to accompany ongoing gaming actions.

The Good:

• Exciting and Exhilarating action packed levels.
• Creative and Gaming-Optimized Interface.
• Vast Compatibility with iPhones, iPads and iPod touch.
• Responsive Controls.

The Not So Good:

• Lacks Game Centre Support.

The Verdict!

Enemy Dawn

In our opinion, Enemy Dawn is an absolute stunner. The App presents a perfectly realistic way to enjoy all the action gaming has to offer. From a gamer’s perspective, it is without doubt one of the few Apps where you earn military rank that actually matches your gameplay achievements. For only $0.99 you can download Enemy Dawn from here!

The AppleGoogle rating: 4.5/5

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