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contact centerWith new messaging Apps rapidly gaining popularity among users, sometimes it takes more than two or three messaging Apps to keep in touch with all your friends and colleagues. Every day we send and receive tons of emails or messages via iMessage, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, and so on. To ease the pressure of making timely responses Contact Center gives you instant access to all your messaging Apps from one spot.

Content and Features

Contact Center impressively uses multiple shortcuts to enable users to access all their messaging Apps at any particular instant. Whether you want to keep tabs on friends via your favourite messaging Apps, share animated GIFs or even send a correspondence email to your boss, with this App all it takes is to tap the respective App’s shortcut icon to get the ball rolling.

Contact Center

Creating shortcuts or folders on Contact Center is incredibly easy. Tap on the “Edit” icon on the top-right corner of the main screen, select an option, create a short-cut or folder and finally tap the “Done” icon and you’re good to go! Contact Center also allows users to attach images with shortcuts by simply tapping on “Photo Source” and choosing an option that also includes the use of your iPhone’s front camera to take selfies. Better still, with Contact Center you only need to tap on your contact’s photo to send GIFs, photos or even canned messages.

In addition to an in-built dial for routine calls, users can also make video and voice calls via FaceTime and FaceTime audio respectively. The App also supports sending group messages and emails.

Design and Appearance

Contact Center

Contact Center has a sleek and minimalistic interface. In addition to its simplicity, the App’s design allows for inter-app communication with numerous messaging and emailing Apps such as WhatsApp, Tumblr and Gmail to give a versatile and all-around communication grasp. The design also facilitates users to customize it so as to allow different functions to be allocated to available display tiles. Each tile may be pre-configured to a particular favourite contact or can be used to send group messages, share GIFs, search contacts and so on. Appearance-wise, the App has a white-coloured grid matrix that is perfectly divided into tri-columns with each tile displaying its function.

The Good:

* Sleek and Minimalistic Interface.
* User Customized Display
* Supports Group Messages and Emails.

The Not So Good:

* More display tiles for App shortcuts would be nice.

The Verdict!

For an App that remarkably integrates a good number of all your messaging Apps in one place, Contact Center is a must have for those of us who actively multitask on our iPhones. Furthermore, since it’s designed to keep you in touch with the world, the App comes in handy when searching contacts, sending group messages, GIFs and so much more. You can experience Contact Center’s splendour free of cost by simply downloading it from here!

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4/5



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