Competition Between Apple And Google Is More Brutal Than Ever: Eric Schmidt


To promote their recently published book “How Google Works”, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and former SVP of products Jonathan Rosenberg did an interview with Bloomberg. The book covers a wide range of topics about Google, like its strategy, corporate culture, talent, innovation, dealing with disruption, and a lot more. During the interview, Schmidt spoke about Apple’s iOS vis-a-vis Google’s Android and the recently launched Apple phones.

Schmidt said that the competition between the two companies is more “brutal” than it was ever before and it is the “defining fight of the computer industry today”. He says there is “enormous, enormous racing” between the companies which ultimately has “enormous benefits for consumers worldwide.”

In fact I would say that this brutal competition between Apple and Google over Android and iOS has enormous benefits for consumers worldwide. If you look at the innovation on the Apple side and on the Google side, that competition which I think is the defining fight of the computer industry, it benefits global at the billions of people level.

Co-anchor of the show, Stephanie Ruhle, when asked Schmidt about how he feels seeing people queued in long lines to buy iPhone, Schmidt said “I’ll tell you what I think. Samsung had these products a year ago.”  To which Ruhle replied that even then they could not create the spark Apple does. Schmidt repeated, ”I think Samsung had the products a year ago. That’s what I think.”

Re/code had also recently published a short snippet from the book “How Google Works” naming it “When Eric Met Steve — And Android Met iOS”. The snippet covers the meeting between former Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt in 2010. During their meeting Jobs said that Android’s foundation was based on Apple’s intellectual property and this worried Schmidt.

According to Steve, open-source OS was based on intellectual property that Apple had created. To this Eric responded that they had not used Apple’s intellectual property to build Android. The snippet also covers the friendship that Jobs and Schmidt shared and then later Schmidt stepping down from Apple’s board in 2007 due to the similarities between the two OS after the release of the Apple’s iPhone.

The 15 minute interview of Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg is worth watching and their new book, “How Google Works” is available on Amazon for $24.

(Via MacRumors)

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