Battle Riders For iOS — Combat Racing At Its Best

brIt’s not surprising that Flurry, an App analytics provider, revealed that for every 2 hours and 42 minutes spent on smartphone Apps, gaming leads with a stunning 32%. And Battle Riders is all set to raise this figure. From customized armored cars to powerful ammo, Battle Riders has left nothing to chance to give gamers the best combat racing action ever. Developed by Valentin Ciampuru, the App is simply a scintillating, high octane action game.

Contents and Features

Feature-wise, Battle riders is built to offer a distinctive choice of seven customizable cars and multiple racing modes with superb race tracks. With three preset single player modes, Battle Rider takes off with the racing action in the career mode. You’re provided with your first car by the name “Raptor” which can be upgraded to better performance and weaponry as you proceed. Career mode has three challenge tiers with every tier comprising a particular race event such as a duel, battle race or survival to name a few. The tracks are set against three different backgrounds: canyons, city limits and metropolitan highways.

battle riders

As with any racing game, the game’s sole objective is to cross the finish line first. Some races are pretty challenging, for instance, in the survival race you have to win the race without repairs to a damaged car. While trailing in an elimination race will see you knocked out of the race at the end of that lap. Upon completing the career mode a much more difficult challenge mode is unlocked as well as single race mode that lets you race against the clock.

battle riders

A lot of gun fire goes on in the game. With tons of ammo and state-of-the-art weapons such as EMPs, Machineguns and Missiles, gamers have an extensive choice of weapons before hitting the tracks. In fact, wrecking your competitors’ cars earns you enough credit to buy more ammo or upgrade and repair your ride. On the tracks, however, ample ammunition and speed boosts are strategically placed. Other scintillating features of the game include available power-ups and credit boosts on racing tracks, a competitive wreck leaderboard in the App’s Game Center and 18 race tracks braced with split sections, sharp corners and abrupt obstacles.

Design and Appearance

battle riders

With a splendid blend of superb graphics, background music and sleek controls, the App showcases a highly innovative design and remarkable optimized-gaming interface. For instance, the artistic sports cars in the game are built to handle lightning speeds and gut bursting firepower for perilous races. The game play is enabled through the use of a virtual on-screen joystick. Different controls to handle different cars can also be set up. Directional arrow keys to steer your ride have also been included.

The Good:

* Numerous Creative racing modes.
* Perfectly optimized Gaming Interface.
* Customizable and splendid displayed features.
* Game Center Support
* Vast compatibility with iOS devices.

The Not So Good:

* Lacks multiplayer options and in-app purchases

The Verdict!

battle riders

Battle Riders has raised combat racing to new levels. With 120 race events, powerful armour and user-customized cars, playing the game is an electrifying experience. If you love to play thrilling race-as-you-shoot game, don’t hesitate to check out Battle Riders. For only $1.99 you can download this exquisite game right here!

The AppleGoogle rating: 4.5/5


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