Amazon Fire Phone Discounted To $0.99

firephoneAmazon’s take on an Android phone (well, sort of), the Fire Phone, previously priced at $650, has just been dropped all the way down to 99 cents, along with a contract of course. It will be available exclusively with AT&T if bought on contract and will set you back $18.75 a month for 2 years, totalling $450, still $200 cheaper than the device’s unlocked version. Considering you get a monthly AT&T package and a full year of Amazon Prime ($99) if bought before December 31st, it’s a great deal if this is a device you wanted to get.

Today also marks the day the Fire Phone is making its way into the UK, exclusively to O2, for £0 downpayment and a choice of two packages, either £33 a month for 2GB of (4G) data, or £48 for 20GB.

To purchase the device form AT&T, head over to Amazon or to their website. To pre order the Fire Phone in the UK, you can do so at O2’s website.

(Via CultOfAndroid)

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