YouTube App Updated, Playlists Improved

youtubeGoogle has just updated its YouTube client on Android, bumping it up to Version 5.9. While this update is yet to roll out on the Play Store officially, GappsEarly has posted the APK.

Since it isn’t on the Play Store yet, GappsEarly has compiled a rough changelog of the changes they have discovered/noticed. Do note, more changes may be revealed when Google publishes this update on the Play Store:

  • Contextual menus in Playlists
  • Add button in playlists where Like icon used to be
  • View All button in sidebar under Playlists vs. Show More option

We can also expect the usual big fixes and minor performance tweaks.

You can either wait for the official update to roll out within a few days’ time, or download the APK from GappsEarly from here.

(Via AndroidAuthority)

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