Touch2Day For iOS — Never Miss A Birthday Again (Review)

touch2dayIf you’re thinking, “Yet another calendar App,” then think again. Touch2Day stands apart from other Apps of its kind by providing a new and unique way to ensure that you don’t miss another important occasion again. No longer do you have to tap several times to view an event or edit unnecessary details when adding one. With Touch2Day you have the ability to view your schedule in a single tap. And with the option to seamlessly sync its calendar with iCloud and iOS calendar you will always have a reminder everywhere you go.

Content and Features

What makes Touch2Day different is that it allows you to create separate icons on your home screen for each reminder. This icon is visible just like any other App icon. It shows you the date and name of the event, and you can customize the color so it’s easy to differentiate between them. This icon is created via the browser so none of your personal information is actually collected by the App. Moving on, the calendar is displayed on the left and reminders of the current date at the right. The current day is highlighted with a hollow circle and the selected date is highlighted with a filled one. If there is a reminder set on a particular date, there will be a small circle beside it. Tapping on any date shows you the reminders of the particular date in the right pane.


To set an event reminder simply press the plus sign. This brings up a small bar which allows you to quickly add a reminder. It contains basic information such as Title and Time. If you want to further add details about the reminder you simply tap More. Here you can change the duration of the event, start and end time, invitees, alerts, URL and notes. You can use notes as a diary, journal, log, and free-form records storage. After tapping Done, the event is added to the calendar. Lastly, Touch2Day syncs your reminders with iCloud and iOS Calendars so that you can manage your reminders across all your devices.

Design and Appearance


Touch2Day has a simple and minimalist interface. The current date is highlighted clearly and you can also see the small dots beside the dates easily. There are not many options to fiddle with and setting up a reminder is hassle-free. Touch2Day’s Icon feature is impressive and provides a speedy reminder of any upcoming events. However, Touch2Day’s Calendar is quite similar to the iOS standard calendar, with slightly easier navigation.

The Good:

* Simple Interface
* Color Customization
* Icon Reminders

The Not So Good:

* There should be more quick tags to edit when setting up a reminder in the bar.

The Verdict!

With Touch2Day no event can take you by surprise. Touch2Day manages your reminders neatly and its reminder icons is a useful feature. Touch2Day is free to download for both iPhone and iPad for a limited time. You can get Touch2Day from here and we recommend you try it out.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4.5/5

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