T-Mobile And MetroPCS Users Get $100 When They Move To Cricket


AT&T’s non-contract branch, Cricket Wireless, is now offering you $100 in bill credit if you move to their network from T-Mobile or MetroPCS.

This limited time offer is valid starting Sunday, August 24 till October 19, and only current T-Mobile/MetroPCS users moving to Cricket’s Basic, Smart, or Pro plans are eligible.

Should you claim this offer, the $100 will be enough for almost 3 months’ basic plan ($35 a month), or two months of the smart plan ($45 a month) with $10 left over.

This is a good move to whisk away T-Mobile and MetroPCS’ users. Let us know in the comments below, will you be making the switch?

For more information, check the official post by Cricket Wireless.

(Via AndroidCentral)