Tim Cook Meets Palo Alto VA Hospital Doctors Who Use iPads For Treatment


Apple CEO Tim Cook recently visited Veterans Affairs hospital in Palo Alto, California to meet doctors who use iPads to treat patients. Tim Cook was accompanied by Rep. Anna Eshoo of the CA-18 congressional district.

Tim Cook also tweeted his picture in which he is seen talking to a hospital staff who is holding an iPad in her hand.

Tim Cook’s visit came just a day after recently appointed Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald visited the hospital as part of his tour. McDonald praised Palo Alto VA and said:

“Palo Alto VA medical center is one of the crown jewels of our healthcare system,” he said. “Every day, great care is delivered to veterans in every healthcare facility nationwide, but it’s especially evident here in Palo Alto and that’s why I’m here today.”

Due to the diversity and uniqueness in Apps, Apple devices, specially iPhone and iPad, are becoming a preferred tool in the medical sector. People from medical field use the device for reference material, data collation, patient records, chart management and more.

Being already a preferred partner for medical applications, it’ll be easy for Apple to promote its upcoming Healthkit, HealthApp and iWatch which will have many health and fitness tracking features.

(Via AppleInsider)

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