Make It For Teachers And School — A Dynamic And Interactive Content Creator (Review)

make itTeaching is a challenging job. You have to plan every lesson ahead and know each and every students’ strengths and flaws. However, sometimes, you may not find all the material you need in books or even on the internet. You can prepare your own teaching material, but it’s not easy to find the right templates and proper software. This is where Make it for Teachers and School by Planet Factory Interactive comes into play. Make it for Teachers and School gives you readymade templates and material which, with some of your input, can build top notch and attractive teaching material.

Content and Features

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To prepare your material you start with a new project by tapping the plus sign on the top-left. Your project will then appear in the menu. Selecting it brings up the theme chooser. The themes allow you to make your content attractive and eye catching. These range from simple black and white to Artic Slate and Blocks. Next the App will ask you to select what type of content you want to make: quiz, text, match the same objects, etc. According to your selection a basic template is generated. You can further customize the template with your library or Make it’s own database. Make it’s database contains everything you will need, such as animated clothes, flags, animals, fruits and vegetables, and letters. You can also add sounds, text and video to your content. After you have finished, you tap the play button on the top-right to review your work. If you’re satisfied you can share your content via email. You are also provided with example projects that you can use to begin with and practise. Make it for Teachers and School is a useful tool which can enrich your teaching experience.

Design and Appearance

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Make it for Teachers and School has a simple design and interface. You will find your projects categorized in the menu, and you can also edit them if you wish to differently sort your projects or delete them. Make it features a tutorial/help page that gives you deeper insight into the App. However, there are a few small problems. If you type some text into the template, the numbered boxes retain their numbers. This makes it difficult to read what you have just entered. One of the demo projects is misspelled as ‘Phisics’. Lastly, the database needs to be downloaded individually. For example, you select Flags and download them, then select Clothes and download those. It would make it easier to have an option to download everything at once.

The Good:

* Unique idea
* Demo Projects
* Templates are customizable
* Minimalist Interface

The Not So Good:

* Numbers in templates are retained
* Database needs to be individually downloaded

The Verdict!

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Make it for Teachers and School is an excellent App to build dynamic and interactive content for your classroom. We definitely recommend trying Make it which is free to download from App Store for both iPhone and iPad until 31st August.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4/5

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