Schematic Details On Rumored Image Show NFC Chip On iPhone 6

iphone 6

Presence of NFC in iPhone 6 has been under discussion for some time. Near Field Communication will be mainly used for mobile payments. Initially, there had been rumours of the service option getting dropped with only an option of using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for the payment service.

According to an image posted by GeekBar, which is a Chinese repair firm, the wiring schematic of iPhone 6 shows a PN65 NFC chip. PN65 NFC chip is made by a semiconductor company called NXP. NXP also partners with many Android device companies for NFC Chip.

Last month also there were image leaks of Printed Circuit Board of iPhone 6, showing the support of NFC and a faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

The presence of NFC will be confirmed when Apple launches the phone during an event expected to be on September 9. Besides NFC, another feature under discussion isĀ Sapphire crystal screen versus a better quality Gorilla glass.

(Via AppAdvice)

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