Samsung Takes Anti-Apple “Wall Huggers” Ad One Step Further

wall huggers

Last month Samsung released a TV ad for its Samsung Galaxy S5 that called Apple iPhone users ‘wall huggers‘ who are always near a charging point due to low quality battery in their devices. According to cnet, Samsung has taken the campaign one step further by posting Samsung Galaxy S5 posters around power outlets throughout the major Airports in the U.S.

The poster ad reads “Samsung Galaxy S5 with Ultra Power Saver Mode,” followed by a tagline “So you have the power to be anywhere but here”. The tagline seems to take a dig at Apple’s recent ad campaign ‘Powerful’ that says “You’re more powerful than you think”. Samsung explains these ads as “reaching consumers right at their pain point.”

The war ads can soon be seen at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports. If the ad works well for these three airports, Samsung will expand it to more.

(Via MacRumours)

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