Root Your LG G3 With Stump Root


One of the biggest ‘features’ of Android devices is that they can be rooted, allowing the user total and complete control over the device and its innards for full and in-depth customization.

It is always good news when new devices finally get rooted by developers, and the latest addition to that list is the LG G3 on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Bell, Rogers, and more.

The process is simple: head over to the XDA thread and download the APK from the post. Then install it, run it, reboot when the App tells you to, install SuperSU from the Play Store, and voila, you can install the Stump Root App from your device with root access.

Do note, that while this gives you root access into your phone for things like Xposed Installer and any other App/service requiring root, this is not an unlocked bootloader, and so you will not be able to flash a custom recovery as of yet.

Head over to the XDA page, here.

(Via Phandroid)

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