Ravensburger Puzzle For iOS — Taking Jigsaw To The Next Level

ravensLooking for something to get your mind off the stress of a challenging day? Ravensburger Puzzle App may just be the answer. Whether you’re waiting to catch a ride or simply relaxing on the couch after a long day’s work, Ravensburger Puzzle brings you an exhilarating experience and countless hours of entertainment.

Content and Features

ravensburger puzzle

Ravensburger Puzzle App comes with a brilliant collection of over 250 jigsaw puzzles. The classy 3D outlook takes its aesthetic display a notch higher. Its intuitive puzzle controls also give users a realistic feel for puzzling action. The App claims to be innovatively built to the extent that it has 20 to 500–piece stamp versions replicating the original Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle to give its staunch followers a reminiscent sensation of its traditional novelty. It also allows jigsaw puzzle–heads to customise any of the preferred table backgrounds. Another interesting feature is that the users can listen to their favourite tracks while playing for an interesting music and gaming experience.

ravensburger puzzle

New to Jigsaw puzzling? Can’t wait to complete your first puzzle? Unlike other jigsaw puzzling Apps, the Ravensburger Puzzle has ample beginner-friendly tutorials to get you started. In fact, it only takes a little while for novice users to attain master puzzling skills. You can also compare your high performance scores with other puzzlers online via the App’s game centre support. Other exciting features rocking the Ravensburger Puzzle App include weekly motifs and puzzles for loyal Ravensburger’s Puzzle followers, enhanced resolution display option for better view on iPads and iPhones and the use of digital medium with a number of puzzle aids.

Design and Appearance

ravensburger puzzle

As a rule of thumb every jigsaw puzzle should challenge gamers to unleash its concealed treasure, and Ravensburger Puzzle doesn’t fail. The design and appearance are astounding. Styled in an impressive 3D display, coupled with a wide choice of vibrant images amid a dazzling light blue or green background, the App is unquestionably appealing. The interface is also stylishly developed to give puzzlers an optimum gaming experience.

The Good:

* Numerous colourful and vibrant jigsaw puzzles.
* No registration to Game Centre required.
* Push notifications for new puzzles.
* Optimized Gaming Memory for iPad 2 and iPad Mini.
* Support for iPhone and iPod touch.

The Not so Good:

* Restricted functionality for iPhone 4, iPad 2, and iPod touch 4th generation with their respective newer device versions.

The Verdict!

ravensburger puzzle

If you love jigsaw puzzles and haven’t tried the Ravensburger Puzzle App you are missing out on the fun. With numerous exciting jigsaw puzzles, new enticing motifs and a fantastic 3D display, it’s undeniably a puzzler’s paradise. The App can be download from here for only $0.99.

The AppleGoogle Rating — 4/5

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