Photo Sphere Camera For iOS — Embrace Panoramic Brilliance

photo sphereWant to add a sparkling touch to your plain pictures? Or relive those perfect moments when you view your photos? Developed by Google Inc., Photo Sphere Camera is a brilliant photo stitching App that blends panorama mastery with creativity to give your photos a breath-taking outlook. Originally meant for Android users, now iOS lovers also have a chance to try out this fantastic App.

Content And Features

The Photo Sphere Camera App has a uniquely distinctive feature that lets you capture magnificent snaps in a 360° panorama. In fact, it only takes a spin around the previewed image to get the ultimate snapshot. Whether it’s a beautifully lit city, a dazzling twilight or a glittering shore, the App allows the users to capture a beautiful scene without leaving anything out. Photo Sphere Camera also lets users capture a crystal clear image with a rich photo background. The best part? It’s all in a single sphere! From natural landscapes to quintessential skyscraper views, any image on the sphere is simply astonishing!

photo sphere

Users can also share their amazing snaps with the world. Through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you can showcase your fantastic photos and photographic expertise with friends and colleagues. Sharing via email and Google Maps is also enabled.

Design and Appearance

photo sphere

Photo Sphere Camera has a unique user interface optimized for impressive photography. This makes it incredibly easy for amateurs to snap elegant studio-like photos. For instance, to create a 360° photo, the App displays a clearly highlighted circle on the previewed image. Subsequently, the circle is then used to direct the camera for precise angularity. At the bottom of the main screen, icons for angular setting, image capturing and revert-to-main menu are clearly displayed. This saves you time and energy in navigating through the entire App in search of these frequently used icons.

The Good:

* Innovatively captures photos in a 360° panorama.
* Enables Photo Sphere Imagery.
* Diverse Image sharing options.
*  Photo Spheres can be added to Google Maps.

The Not So Good:

*More image processing features would have been nice.

The Verdict!

Photo Sphere Camera is a fascinating photo App. In addition to its innovative 360° panorama feature, other exciting features, like photo sphere imagery gives the user a touch of image personalization. For those of us who fancy outdoor photography or will soon be planning to hit the road for a vacation, this App is worth a try. You can download Photo Sphere Camera free from here and impress your friends with panoramic dexterity!
The AppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5



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