Pentumble For iOS — A Whole New Platform Gaming Experience

pentumbleWhether you take pleasure in facing challenges head on or simply can’t go a day without playing a game on your smartphone then you’ll definitely fall for Pentumble. With up to 36 scintillating levels of game play, gamers can brace themselves to race against time in a precarious journey filled with spiky wheels of fire and death among other several challenging obstacles. Creatively developed by Helftone, Pentumble brings you a whole new platform gaming experience on your handheld device.

Content and Features


Pentumble is no ordinary platform game. Built with 36 challenging and enthralling game levels, it’s a treat for platform gamers. The graphics are in an eccentric 3D display and get better as gamers have to play on the clock. The gaming experience on Pentumble is particularly unique. Helftone developed the game’s platforms such that the avatar can swiftly move or latch across them in different orientations. Some levels even require gamers to think out of the box to evade an obstacle, for example, latch in an upside down motion or pace around a platform.


In addition to its attractive physics and action-packed levels, Pentumble has very responsive controls. For instance, jumping over an unanticipated jagged wheel or holding onto a platform is incredibly easy. However, even with its optimized controls for each action, gamers still have to be at the top of their game to get to the next level.

Design and Appearance


At a glimpse, any gamer can tell that the game’s appearance is strikingly attractive. Its user interface is not only simple but also responsive. This makes Pentumble easy to play and an exciting and electrifying experience. On the main screen, brilliantly lit icons are clearly displayed to give users a vibrant and colourful display as they evade or counteract the game’s obstacles. This includes two motion-directing icons and a tap-to-jump icon at the bottom, as well as a timer and pause/resume icon at the top.


The App’s dazzling theme, timely controls, a star-reward system and background game music is more than enough evidence to showcase its elegant design.

The Good:

* Simple Gaming Interface.
* Exciting and thrilling levels.
* 3D Graphic display
* Timely and Responsive Game Controls.

The Not So Good

* Lacks online and Multi-player options.

The Verdict!


From its radiant action icons, dare-to-defy death obstacles and glowing targets the game is undeniably a gamer’s paradise. Whether you want to keep your reflexes sharp or simply feel like playing a cool game on your iPhone, we highly recommend that you go for Pentumble. The App is available to download at the App Store for only $1.99.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5

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