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pdf scannerEver caught up at your local stadium’s entrance on a big match–day without your tickets? Or at an electronics store for a warranty claim, only for the attendant to ask you to hand in your misplaced purchase receipt? PDF scanner App saves you the frustration and embarrassment of such unfortunate moments often caused by lost or forgotten documents. From bills to official identification documents, PDF Scanner for iOS by Darsoft Inc. lets you save digital copies of all your printed or written documents in PDF formats.

Content and Features

PDF Scanner is much more than its names suggests. The App uses your iOS device camera as a portable scanner. With the App at hand, users can scan receipts to track their personal expenditures, excerpts from publications to read later, and much more. Whether it’s a creative ad that has simply caught your attention, a printed fitness tutorial, or recipes you can’t wait to try, with this ingenious productivity iOS App you can be sure to not miss out on anything.

pdf scanner

This is the first iOS Scanner that can identify double-page book spreads with an efficient and high speed processing of each and every page. The App is also customized to combine your scans and arrange them as multipage documents in your own style. For instance, users can manually crop their scans, choose their preferred page sizes or rename their already processed PDF documents. PDF Scanner also allows you to share your scans by email or iCloud with friends and colleagues.

Design and Appearance

One thing worth noticing about this App is its simple user interface. On the main screen, for example, only five action icons are visible. Each corner has a small purple tap-to-use icon, with the top two icons used to activate the PDF scanner and view the scans. The remaining three icons at the bottom include a cancel icon on the left, a camera icon in the centre and a grid-shaped icon on the right. The main screen is primarily occupied by a preview image of the scanned document.

pdf scanner

PDF scanner is also inventively designed to incorporate various scanning modes such as black and white, gray scale and colour mode among others. It also allows an inter-app interaction with Dropbox to save all your documents in a 256-bit AES encryption. Users can also view their newly processed PDF files using a visiTouch file manager.

The Good:

* Recognizes double-page book spreads.
* Powerful scanning capability.
* Simple user optimized interface.
* High Speed Processing of PDF documents

The Not So Good:

* File processing is limited to PDF formats only.

The Verdict!

pdf scanner

With PDF Scanner you can comfortably save all your work, research content, personal documents and photos on your phone. Keeping hand written notes and newspaper clippings is now a thing of the past. Never before has digitizing printed documents been done with so much ease. PDF Scanner is free for a limited time only and available to download from here.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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