Paint FX For iOS — Unleash The Picasso In You

paint fxIn two words, Paint FX is “flamboyantly magical.” With an exceptional interface, Paint FX gets your photos saying more than a thousand words. From simple edits that impressively express your emotions to strikingly artistic colour splashes, your pictures can now come to life. Standing out from the rest, it’s the first photo edit App that allows users to apply effects, filters and colours selectively and with extraordinary precision on different parts of the photo as opposed to the entire photo. In short, nothing brings out the artist in you like Paint FX!

Content and Features

Paint FX is a basketful of brilliant photo effects and filters including a Sketcher, HDR, Image Blender, Cartoonizer and colour splash to name a few. In addition, it’s explicitly custom-enabled to match your creative photo edits. The App also enables users to modify brightness, contrast and saturation levels on the photos with unerring accuracy and perfection. An intriguing feature, Paint FX’s colour splash is nothing short of genius. Equipped with an impressive zoom ability and a customizable brush, the App can transform your photos into nostalgic black and white images, while highlighting some bits in colour.

paint fx

Ever snapped yourself a cool selfie but didn’t like the background? Paint FX lets you completely remove the unwanted background and give your photo a studio-style finish. The App also provides you with different pre-set effects that layer over each other to give your photos an innovative blend of colours and stylish effects. In addition to a stylish edit, users can choose whether to share their photos with colleagues and friends on Flickr, Facebook or Twitter. Photo sharing is also enabled through emailing, tagging on Instagram or by submission to an interactive Paint FX Community.

Design and Appearance

paint fx

Paint FX’s overall design is quite user friendly. Sprite Labs, the developers, made the interface simple enough for even novices to be able to easily edit their photos professionally. On the main screen, an image-based grid highlights available editing options. Additional icons at the bottom are used to mask, erase, zoom and layer images on top of each other. As a result of a wide display of colours, Paint FX appearance is eye-catching.

The Good:

* Innovative Photo Effects and Filters.
* Simple User Interface.
* Allows users to preview chosen effects before applying them.
* Integrates with social networks for sharing.
* High resolution Photos Support on iPads.

The Not So Good:

* More photo shape painting options would be a nice addition.

The Verdict!

paint fx

Paint FX is an outstanding App. Apart from its simplicity, it is laced with exciting new features, such as colour splash, which make photo editing almost addictive. For those who can’t help editing each and every photo they take, Paint FX is unquestionably the best thing since sliced bread! You can download Paint FX free from here and give your photos the touch of perfection!

The AppleGoogle Rating — 4.5/5

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