Microsoft Releases First Update For Office For iPad

officeMicrosoft has updated the Microsoft’s Office for iPad suite with some new and useful features. The suite is the Microsoft Office version for iPad and includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The new version 1.1 is the first update of the App after its launch in March this year. 

The update includes an option to send files as a PDF. Word, Excel and PowerPoint will all now have third-party fonts available under the Fonts menu. In addition to these updates, all three Apps now come with Picture tools that lets users crop the picture to focus on a particular section of the photo.

Some of the additional features that have been added to Excel and Powerpoint include:

Excel 1.1 now has Flick to Select, that allows users to flick a cell’s selection handle in any direction to quickly and easily select all the data in that row or column. Excel 1.1 has also added an external keyboard support that lets the user use same keys to input data and move around a worksheet to get a desktop experience. Another new addition is related to working on Pivot Tables that have source data in the same workbook. Besides these, user can choose various paper sizes and scaling options for printing giving more control over the layout when printing workbooks.

PowerPoint 1.1 now comes with a new Presenter View that lets users view and edit speaker notes, check their next slide, or directly jump to other slides while presenting. A new Play Media function has been added that lets users play videos, sound effects and background music during the presentation mode. Other new feature called Insert Video lets user add video to presentation from iPads’ Camera roll. Presentation tools have also been added to Powerpoint 1.1 that lets user erase highlights and drawings on the presentation. Another new feature related to hyperlinks lets user add links to the presentation or edit the existing ones.

Each App in the suite is free to download from the App Store, but requires a subscription to Microsoft’s Office 365 for editing functions.

(Via 9to5Mac)

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