iPhone 6 Might Come With New USB Power Adapter But Same Lightning Cable

With the latest rumours about the new lightning cable with reversible USB and a new power adapter expected to come along with iPhone 6 making the rounds, third party vendor Moca.co, through its blog, shared a slightly different news. According to the blog, the new lighting cable would not be a part of iPhone 6 and it would have the same cable as current phone model. As for the new USB adapter, there is a possibility the new iPhone will come with a new design for the USB power adapter.

Moca.co is a vendor for Apple’s Lightning cable manufacturer and it says that they have not received any orders for a new lightning cable by Apple until now. The manufacturing partner though has sent some samples of the lightning cable with reversible USB to Apple for approval and Apple is yet to revert on the same.

We are informed by the Official Appointed Manufacturer of Apple that the new Reversible USB Cable will not be released together with upcoming iPhone 6 and Apple has not placed any order with them yet. Apple fans will not be able to get the MFi version of this revolutionary cable from Apple this year but that is not the end of the story.

The new adapter would support a current rating of 2A and can be used for all iOS products, like iPhone, iPod, and iPad mini models.

(Via Macrumours)

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