iPacking For iOS — Your Ultimate Travel Companion

ipackingGoing for a vacation, business trip or summer camping and need help packing appropriately or, rather, packing completely? iPacking, a brilliant new App by Nexti Co. is here to your rescue. No longer do you need to scramble around the airport looking for sunscreen or worse, cancelling your vacation because you forgot your or your children’s passport at home.

Content And Features

With an extensive database of over 340 possibly-required travel items, rest assured you’ll never leave anything behind. However, if some of your requisite items are not present on the built-in list, the App goes a step further by allowing you to add an unlimited number of travel items. Furthermore, iPacking’s interactive “Pack Now” option lets the users compile efficient and effective packing lists. Through creative use of intuitive gestures the App refreshes your memory, giving you a chance to recall any forgotten item. In addition, an integrated filter allows the users to cross-check between what has been or is yet to be packed.


Travelling to an unfamiliar destination and aren’t sure if you’ve packed the right gear? iPacking’s social integration through Facebook and Twitter lets you share your packing list online so that your friends, family or colleagues, who may be familiar with your destination, can help you with what to pack. The “Unpack All” option saves you time and energy by creating a whole new packing list in an instant if you intend to undertake a previous trip with more or less the same items as before. The App also has a copy list feature to create similar packing lists.

Design and Appearance


iPacking’s design and appearance is quite attractive with a beautiful white-lit display, light blue background and descriptive icons at the bottom. In addition to a gesture-controlled interface, the design is minimalistic and user friendly.

The Good:

* Creative User Interface with intuitive gestures.
* Social integration with Facebook and Twitter
* Extensive databae of possible travel items.

The Not So Good:

* Categorized pre-set packing lists would be a nice feature.

The Verdict!


iPacking is a great hoilday App. With the ability to create unlimited and reliable packing lists, users can now pack their luggage without leaving a single item out. In fact, iPacking can also be used for other miscellaneous uses, like creating to-do and shopping lists! Travelling soon? Why not try iPacking out now! It’s free to download for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad from here.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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