High Quality Images Show Fully Assembled iPhone 6

iPhone 6

Russian modified luxury iPhone reseller Feld & Volk has posted some new pictures of iPhone 6. Previously they posted the pictures of the front panel and components of iPhone 6. The images this time show a completely assembled phone which is nearing its launch in three weeks.

The pictures are of high quality and focus individually on each section. They show a glossy front panel with rounded corners blending seamlessly into the edges of the phone. The design can be linked to the current generation iPad Air and iPad mini with slight modification.

iPhone 6

The side and top view give a good idea of how sleek iPhone 6 would be. It is expected that the thickness of the new phone would be 7mm  as compared to 7.6mm for iPhone 5s. As rumoured before, the speaker grill has just a few (six) holes in one single line and only on one side. The image doesn’t show the power button, hence its placement can be expected to be on the side as rumoured before for ease of use. The redesigned pill-shaped volume button can be seen clearly along with the mute button that were covered individually in previous leaks by Feld and Volk.

(Via MacRumours)

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