Dispatch For iOS — Managing Emails With Ease

dispatchFinally, the revolutionary email managing App we’ve all been waiting for is here! Handling emails in bulk is not only strenuous and tedious but extremely time consuming. Unsurprisingly, a survey done by McKinsey Global Institute and International data Corp revealed that reading and replying to emails is the most time consuming activity in many organisations, second only to precise role-allocated tasks. Developed by Clean Shaven Apps, Dispatch for iOS integrates emailing with GTD ® (Getting Things Done) and TextExpander snippets for fast response and processing of your emails, giving you a completely hassle-free experience with emails.

Content and Features

Dispatch for iOS is unequivocally remarkable. Compatible with most, if not all, of your IMAP-based email accounts, such as Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL to name a few, the App innovatively uses snippets to allow its users to instantly respond to emails, saving you energy in typing replies in response to similar emails.


Dispatch also ingeniously interacts with other numerous Apps to handle most email-required actions while using GTD. For instance, users can save links for later reference with Pocket, or capture tasks, create projects and clip data in OmniFocus. With an extensive ability to integrate with Skype, Google Maps, Evernote, Twitter  and Message you can imagine the limitless capabilities of this uniquely crafted App. Want to find a specific email from a bulky inbox or archives folder? No problem at all. With Dispatch you can easily locate the ‘hidden’ emails simply by entering multiple search words, such as certain keywords in its subject or the recipient’s name in the search toolbar. In addition, the App reliably keeps you updated on new emails as well as enabling you to use different email addresses to send or reply to emails.

Design and Appearance


From a pleasant animation that resembles paper-folding, tap-on-screen sounds to well-designed gesture icons give the App an elegant appearance. Upon launch, the action menu appears with the option to read, archive, delete, move and even star emails. You can simply tap on the icons or slide across the main screen. Dispatch’s design with respect to user interface is highly interactive. For instance, the App has an automatic, but optional, “Hi” salutation that can be changed to a text of your choice. Similarly, from a colour-based perspective, the Inbox has a black sidebar coupled with a white glyph to highlight unread emails. Furthermore, its inbox also has descriptive icons for replied messages, names of your frequent correspondents and a swipe bar to slide between your starred and unread emails.

The Good:

* Efficient bulk email editing App.
* Diverse Integration with Social and Office Based Apps
* TextExpander snippets for faster response to bulk emails
* Interactive User Interface.
* Multiple Language Support.

The Not So Good:

* POP/Exchange Emails are not supported.
* Cannot attach audio, video file formats (Limited to image attachments only)
* Limited Support for Office365 and Yahoo Business Mail.

The Verdict!


Dispatch for iOS App has certainly raised the bar in email management. In fact, for a single App to have such extensive functionality and multiple compatibility with other Apps, it’s definitely one of its kind. Apart from enabling users to competently handle bulk emails, proficient response to emails is now a walk in the park. Dispatch is also suitable for individual users with less emailing demands. The App can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPod Touch (iOS 7 based or later) from the App Store for only $4.99.

The AppleGoogle Rating — 4.5/5

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