CiRCA6 For iOS — Strategic Gaming With Power Of The Circle

circa6In a gamer’s world there isn’t much you can do with a circle, right? Well, if you think so it’s about time you tried the hilarious CiRCA6. Developed by Rishi Mody, this App perfectly blends strategic gaming in a simplistic but challenging approach. Although it might seem slightly deficient in terms of game depth, make no mistake in taking “The Game about Circles” for an insipid App. Despite the fact that it is limited to a single geometric shape, as the saying goes about not judging a book by its cover, the App is definitely worth any gamer’s play time!

Content and Features

As a strategy game, CiRCA6 is built with a captivating set of several shoot-to-destroy game levels. From its initial launch to the final stages, the game’s sole intention is to put your survival skills to the test. To play the game, a virtual joystick is used to propel your large blue circle forward as “bullets” are fired from the opposite end of the chosen path. For a while the game looks quite easy, until many coloured circles begin to close in from all directions. In the more difficult levels, CiRCA6 starts off with orange circles heading towards you. To survive, the game demands that you skillfully evade and hit multiple circles as much as possible. However, as the game progresses more coloured circles emerge making the game quite interesting.


In addition to its striking display of numerous coloured circles in motion, CiRCA6 has exemplary fine-tuned and readily responsive controls. From a gamer’s viewpoint, simultaneously executing many actions using fine-tuned controls is exactly what brings out the skill to keep playing. Through Game Center Support players with high scores can put their gaming prowess to test by uploading their impressive scores. In turn, these scores are used as ranking criteria on leaderboards displayed to the entire CiRCA6 gaming fraternity.

Design and Appearance


From a design perspective, CiRCA6 is built with a simple and minimalistic user interface. For instance, players can destroy their enemies using wakes generated by precise motion of a larger blue circle. Subsequently, this circle is in turn driven by smaller blue circles that also double your ammo. However, the game gets more challenging as you get past a couple of its preliminary levels. Appearance-wise, CiRCA6 has a wide array of attractive and colourful circles. Against a white-lit background, these different size circles enhance the game’s display.

The Good:

* Simple and Minimalistic Interface.
* Creative and Strategic Gameplay
* Brilliant Colourful Display

The Not So Good:

* No iPad supported versions.

The Verdict!

With CiRCA6 you can now enjoy countless hours of simple but strategic gameplay. In fact, if you’re looking for a recreational and witty App to use while you’re simply relaxing or feel like whetting your reflexes, CiRCA6 is unquestionably one of the best choices you need to check out. Download CiRCA6 here free for your iPhone and jump right into the action!

The AppleGoogle Rating 4/5

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