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calendateCalendate stands out from most other calendar Apps as a remarkably built and intuitive App. From its interactive feature enabling users to customize the App to their own preferred outlook to creatively integrating planned events with weather forecasts, scheduling upcoming events has never been easier. Whether it’s a personal commitment to show up on time for a crucial job interview, a friend’s birthday party, or a reminder to buy tickets to your favourite game, Calendate has got your back!

Content and Features

With Calendate, users can elegantly personalize their calendars in style. Having 10 colourful and brilliantly displayed themes, such as Clear White, Turquoise and Gold, Annite, and, my personal favourite, the Ocean Green, and 24 visual icons to decorate all important events enriches your calendar with a glamorous and lively display. Interestingly enough, apart from chronologically arranging all your scheduled upcoming events, Calendate goes the extra mile to integrate forecasted weather info to your upcoming events. Users only have to swipe (back and forth) to view these forecasts and the respective events.


Calendate’s impressive visual calendar is another nice feature which shows off the uniqueness of this App. It displays a selected month’s events using colour-coded indicators to highlight past and future events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays to name a few. Also, adding events is as easy as pie. This is simply done by selecting a suitable icon related to a specific event and typing the event’s name.

Calendar sync functionality with iPhone’s calendar as well all other active accounts is also enabled from the launching stage of the App to allow users to store and view all their business/work and personal calendars from a single App. Love sharing your upcoming events with friends and family? Calendate lets you share events through messages and emails. Not only does it connect with Facebook to keep you posted on friends’ birthdays and life events but allows you to publish your events too!

Design and Appearance


Calendate’s user interface has a simple appeal. Developed with an optimized user experience in mind, the main screen displays a chronologically arranged list of scheduled upcoming events, with the latest appearing at the bottom. In addition, “Todays” tab exhibits detailed information on that particular date. This includes the current weather conditions, temperature and upcoming events with their respective visual icons. In fact, to view all planned events for a particular day all it takes is to tap on the calendar!

The Good:

* Creative Interface with wide choice of themes and colours.
* Simple to use.
* Calendar sync enabled.
* Preset with up to 30 international holidays

The Not So Good:

*The main date view should also been have included on top of the calendar view.

The Verdict!


Calendate is in three words — a fantastic App. With a new approach on calendaring, that includes a brilliantly developed calendar and plenty of other cool features, it’s a power tool for folks who often have tight or dynamic schedules. Calendate is available free to download from here for limited time only. Hurry!

The AppleGoogle Rating — 4/5

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