Always BHappy For iOS — Stay Happy With A Little Digital Help (Review)

bhappyAlways BHappy, developed by Ana Isabel Chimeno, gives you a rather interesting and challenging way to stay happy during the day. The App provides many ways for a person to stay or become happy and contributes to a person’s well being. With Always BHappy and its light-themed interface and challenging proposal system, your mood will improve significantly.

Content and Features

To begin using Always BHappy you will need to create an account or login with Facebook. Then you will start the mood uplifting protocol. Always BHappy revolves around the concept of proposals. These are challenges that you have to complete which in turn will make you happy. The App takes motivation from the Spanish expression “Se feliz siempre” which means ‘Always Happy’. The proposals are displayed in a list form with their respective date and you will receive 30 free from the developer. The App may ask you to practice your smile in the mirror or ask you to take a day off. Moreover, there are three categories: All, Done and Pending. Tapping on a challenge takes you to the ‘Detail’ page. Here you have a detailed explanation about the proposal and the option to mark it as completed. Once you finish a proposal, an indicator turns green to indicate that it is completed.

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Swiping to the right brings up the navigation pane. Here you can select 5 things: Proposals, Happy Packs, Badges, Profile and Preferences. Happy Packs contain proposals according to different interests, such as Sports, Fun, Solidarity, Food etc. As you progress, Always BHappy will award you different badges such as ‘Happy Rookie’ and ‘Killer Month’. The Profile section gives you an overview of your progress.

Design and Appearance

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Always BHappy has a clean layout and a light theme. The light-colored background gives a relaxing feeling. You can easily see which proposals you completed as they are marked with a tick or cross. Navigating the App is effortless and animations are smooth. However, there are some problems. There isn’t an iPad version so you will have to make do with an up-scaled App. Also, there is a mix of language between Spanish and English, such as when you add a proposal via feedback, you will see the options ‘Cancelar’ and ‘Enviar’.

The Good:

* Excellent Proposals
* Light interface
* Free to use

The Not So Good:

* Mixed Language

The Verdict!

always bhappy

Overall, Always BHappy is a brilliant App whose interesting proposal concept actually does makes you happy. You are provided with free 30 proposals, and if you want more after you complete all of them you can purchase a pack from Happy Packs for $2.37 (€ 1.79) per pack.  We encourage you to try out Always BHappy as it is available free to download for both iPhone and iPad from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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