New Beta Update For Apple TV Brings iOS-Like User Interface

Apple TV

User interface of Apple TV has been revamped and now looks much like an iOS 7 interface. The new beta update brings a new look and feel to the Apple TV’s Home Screen. All the icons now carry a flat and matt look as opposed to the previous gloss effect. The Settings icon has been changed and now looks the same as the iOS Settings icon with two nested gears. The text below the icons have also been made more sleek.

The icons do not cast any reflections now, in fact “glow” around the selected icon has been reduced to include black margin within a white border. The revamp in the Home screen is just with minor changes in look and feel however the paradigm remains mostly unchanged from its launch in 2007.

The last beta for Apple TV included family sharing feature along with iCloud photos support. There have been rumours about Apple developing new Apple TV too. In April a news regarding new FCC filing from Comcast and Time Warner about the companies’ forthcoming merger had a mention that Apple developing a new Apple TV. In a recent Re/Code interview Eddy Cue, Apple’s head of online services said current “TV experience sucks” and Apple TV will evolve further this year as Apple continues to improve its content offering.

Via AppleInsider

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