Apple And Samsung Agree To End Their Patent Disputes Outside US


According to Bloomberg, Apple and Samsung have agreed to drop all the patent suits against each other in countries outside the United States. These include Australia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, the U.K., France and Italy. The suits that are within the United States will continue to get resolved.

“Apple and Samsung have agreed to drop all litigation between the two companies outside the United States,” the companies said in the statement. “This agreement does not involve any licensing arrangements, and the companies are continuing to pursue the existing cases in U.S. courts.”

It seems like Apple and Samsung want to end their long-running battle to find the guilty party in the patent dispute. But in May, in the patent infringement case for United States, Samsung was asked to pay Apple $120 Million. Yet the case was not closed and still continues.

(Via: 9to5Mac)

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