Apple Releases iOS 8 Beta 5 For Developer Preview

iOS 8

Apple has launched iOS 8 Beta 5 for developers. The Beta 5 has a few notable changes besides the basic refinements. The new version has made iOS 8 faster. Some of these changes are:

Health App:

The Health App that will be part of iOS 8 can now collect spirometry data. Spirometry is related to measurement of breadth by measuring the amount and speed of air that can be inhaled and exhaled. Other changes related to the App is the option to display medical ID on the lock screen. This might be helpful in cases when the user cannot give his or her own details. In addition, there are several new icons and ability to export health data.

Keyboard/Predictive Text:

User has an option to toggle on/off predictive text within the keyboard.

iCloud Icons:

The icons for iCloud, iCloud Family Sharing, iCloud Drive, Backup, and Keychain have been revamped.

Photos App:

This new update is very useful for users who quite often run out of space on their device. It lets a user store full resolution photos on the cloud and keep only the optimised version on the device. Also, the photos App now shows when the photos were last synced to iCloud.

SMS Relay:

This update is for users who besides having iOS 8 Beta 5 also have the latest version of OS X Yosemite on their Macs. This update lets them use their phone numbers for SMS relay to Macs.

Wallpaper Settings:

In the Wallpaper Settings the option to adjust brightness has been removed. Brightness can now be adjusted via the Display and Brightness section of Settings which had been added in a previous Beta.

(Via MacRumors)

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