WritePad For Android — Turn Your Handwriting into Digital Text (Review)

writepadWritePad, developed by PhatWare Corp., provides you the opportunity to use your handwriting to input text flawlessly. WritePad is a new method of input for Android that replaces the stock Android keyboard with a multilingual handwriting recognition keyboard.

Content and Features

WritePad is an impressive way of input. It supports every kind of handwriting, except, of course, an illegible scribble. You can write in cursive, print, numbers and even mixed. Most handwriting recognition keyboard on the Play Store leave you frustrated with their inability to correctly interpret your handwriting. WritePad, on the other hand, makes the experience smooth and easy. With WritePad you have a simple input area where you can write. And as you write, WritePad simultaneously displays each letter or number converted into digital text so you are aware that your handwriting is correctly detected. Not only this, but you are also provided with suggestions to complete your text with a single tap. If you start writing mathematical operations WritePad will automatically calculate the answer for you. If you wish to go back to the qwerty keyboard you can tap the keyboard button to switch to the qwerty layout and vice versa.


In Settings, which you can access through the notification bar, you will discover a host of functions. Tutorial, Main Settings, Recognizer Settings, Dictionary Settings, Shorthand and Panel Settings are all included. You can customize the background color of the input area to your liking or fiddle around to improve your handwriting experience. If you feel unsure about your selections or find them difficult, you can reset everything, including recognizer settings, and start again.

Design and Features


The input area and keyboard have a very intuitive design and interface. The guide lines in the handwriting input panel allow you to add capital letters quickly. You can switch between languages easily and WritePad understands your handwriting correctly in any language. However, we feel the appearance can be improved to match the Android 4.4 design. It may take some time for WritePad to fully recognize your handwriting, but persevere and you’ll be rewarded with a brilliant experience.

The Good:

* Multilingual Handwriting Recognition
* Correct Handwriting Recognition
* Handwriting and Qwerty layout
* Intuitive design

The Not So Good:

* A bit on the expensive side

The Verdict!


With its multilingual support, near-accurate recognition, and ability to easily switch between qwerty and handwriting layouts, WritePad is a great handwriting recognition keyboard that you will definitely enjoy using. WritePad is available on the Google Play Store for $9.99 from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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