Top 5 Tower Defense Games For iOS

tower defenseWe all love a good tower defense game. It tests our strategy skills and the ability to think quickly under attack. But, above all, they are great fun. For that very reason games like Plants Vs Zombies and geoDefense can be found on the devices of game lovers all over the world. We, at TheAppleGoogle, have come up with a list of our favourite tower defines games for iOS.

1. Kindom Rush Frontiers ($0.99)

tower defense

For only $0.99, Kingdom Rush Frontiers is incredible value for money. One of the best and most popular tower defense games, it has received praise from almost all App review websites. The battlefield ranges from forests to mountains with the ability to upgrade your towers to build your defences. Featuring cartoon-style hand to hand combats with over 48 enemies, Kingdom Rush Frontiers will keep you hooked for hours and days.

2. Fieldrunners 2 ($2.99)

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Receiving 5 stars from everywhere, from Toucharcade to Macworld, Fieldrunners 2 is the even more popular sequel to its enjoyable tower defense predecessor. Create unbreachable mazes of powerful weapons and turrets to stop fieldrunners from invading the world. The game features over 20 levels, ranging from sparkling cities to an infernal volcano, including a tower that launches bee hives!

3. geoDefense Swarm ($1.99)

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We had a hard time deciding whether to include the immensely popular original or this new take on it. Finally, we agreed to pick the sequel as it brings something different to the table by throwing out the pre-defined path taken by the creeps. GeoDefense Swarm lets you use your creativity to build mazes of towers and weapons to force your enemy down a route of your choosing.

4. Anomaly Warzone Earth ($1.99)

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Winner of the prestigious Apple Design Award, Anomaly Warzone Earth turns tower defense on its head. Instead of defending your land, you’re the one attacking. The game tests your ability to plan an offense strategy which will see you through the enemy’s defenses. Choose the right squad for the level and lead them to victory by destroying the enemy with your powerful weapons. The App features endless hours of gameplay through three unique modes.

5. Bloons TD Battles (free)

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If you are a tower defense game lover then chances are you’ve already played and enjoyed the Bloons TD series. In Bloons TD Battles, as the name suggests, gone are the levels and in come full fledged battles. Challenge players from around the world in a battle for victory. This is a brilliant take on the original series and features multiplayer combat, new towers and upgrades, and the ability to control bloons directly.

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