T-Mobile LG G2 Gets Knock On/Off And Improvements

lg g2

If you bought an LG G2 on T-Mobile‘s network you were deprived of the popular Knock On/Off feature that came with the device, until now. An update that started rolling out on Monday will allow you to simply double tap the screen to wake it, and double tap the status bar or the screen (in specific situations) to put the device to sleep.

This feature is one of the more popular ones and allows you to easily wake and sleep your device, especially when it is placed on a surface, considering that it’s power and volume buttons are located on the back side of the phone.

Along with Knock On and Knock Off, the update improves the device’s battery performance, and also brings “Google Wallet improvements, Google security fixes, auto brightness improvements, visual voicemail improvements, and Wi-Fi calling improvements.”

Your phone will automatically update over the weeks to come, till the 4th of August, but should you want these new features and improvements now, simply go to Settings on your T-Mobile G2, navigate to the General tab, tap on ‘About Phone’, then to the ‘Update Center’, and ‘System Updates’, and then finally tap ‘Check Now’ to check for the new update, and download it. If it is not instantly available, do not panic, it should be soon enough.

Do note, that you will have to be connected to a WiFi network to check for and download the update.

(Via AndroidCentral)

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