Timehop — A Glimpse Into the Past

timehopEvery now and then an App comes along, one that happens to be very simple and barely does much, but what it does is amazing and something you never realized would be so significant. Timehop is one of those Apps.

Design and Features


In a nutshell, Timehop goes through your personal networks, and in a beautiful timeline layout tells you what you were doing on the same day, years ago. For example, if today is the 4th of July, it will tell you what you were doing on the same day one year ago, two years ago, and so on.

How does it get this information? Simple, you can connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and Dropbox accounts. You can also link your phone’s local gallery and Timehop will automatically gather the required statuses, tweets, and pictures, and deliver them minimally and neatly.

What I find unique about the App is, not just that it gives you glimpses of the past, of things that bring back memories, nostalgia, laughs, but how simple the App is. On the main page there is nothing but the timeline with all your ‘Timehops’ and an icon to share each item with your friends, should you want to.

In the settings menu, you have options to link social networks (as described above), and the option to set reminders and notifications. The only thing I believe could be added is the ability to link even more networks and accounts, such as Google+, etc. Regarding privacy, as the App says, your photos are only visible to you, and your past is only shared with others if you choose to do so.

Timehop’s Positives:

* App is free
* Well designed
* Simple and easy to use

Timehop’s Negatives:

* Limited to mainstream social networks



Overall, it is a free, aesthetically pleasing and a functional Application, and while you may only use it for a few minutes daily you will find yourself liking it more and more every day. And though they could add the ability to add more sources, the App still holds its own.

Download Timehop free on Android and iOS.

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