TBWA Ads Performed Better Than Apple’s Own


Recently we reported on Apple moving its TV advertising in-house and loosening ties with old partner TBWA/Media Arts. Bloomberg has done a study along with Ace Metrix to capture audience responses to Apple’s recent in-house advertisements vis-à-vis TBWA/Media Arts advertisements for Apple. The report shows Apple’s in-house efforts yielded a low response rate compared to TBWA Ads. It was only Chicken Fat Ad (famously known as Strength Ad) that managed to score a good number of eye balls. The comparative study was done for three TBWA/Media Arts and five Apple in-house Ad. The recent ‘Parenthood’ Ad was not included in the study.

Apple’s Ad series “Your Verse” for iPad promotion campaign which had Esa-Pekka Salonen’s entry scored the lowest amongst the five Apple ads. Building an in-house advertising team somewhat limits the view of the team working on the Ad; an external agency on the other hand provides a broader vision from a buyer point of view.

The Ace Metrix gave a score of 548 to Apple’s in-house efforts, compared with 580 for the ads made by TBWA\Media Arts Lab. Though Apple has seriously thought of only having an in-house advertising team and managed to capture some good yet low responses, it has some way to go to match the score of TBWA Ads.

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