Save All The Time You Need With Day Flow For iOS (Review)

day flowWith all sorts of things to do in a day, anyone can easily lose track of time. People get so tangled up with work and their daily routine that it is really difficult to find any spare time at all. To prevent this, Day Flow helps you to manage your time with ease and a beautiful design that truly stands apart from other Apps of its kind.

Content and Features

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Things start off with the time you have remaining in the day. You can add activities by tapping the plus sign and edit its information. You can edit the name, time duration and tags. Once you are done, Day Flow will show your activities with their allocated count down time and the percentage of the time they take up from the Time Left Today. The percentages give you a quick overview of how much time you are spending on the particular task. Moreover, if you happen to find less time for the task on hand, you can tap the arrows placed near the time to either increase or decrease the count down. Swiping right stops the timer and initiates the next task timer. With Day Flow you can set goals for each activity, like allocating no more than 4% of the total time to walking or eating, for example. One of the neat features of Day Flow is its efficiency graph. With the graph, you can track your efficiency throughout the week so that you can manage you future days better. Lastly, Day Flow adapts the colors of a task according to its duration. Day Flow efficiently and swiftly manages your time such that you always have spare time to use.

Design and Appearance

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Day Flow has an elegant and beautiful interface. All the features are straight-forward and simple. The efficiency graph is a useful tool to see your overall time management. Right from downloading the App, you will quickly start noticing its usefulness. However, it lacks some deeper features found in other time management Apps such as Calendar and Export.

Day Flow’s Positives:

* Gets the Job Done Well
* Efficiency Graph
* Displays Time Remaining and Percentages

Day Flow’s Negatives:

* Lacks features such as Calendar and Export

The Verdict!

Overall, Day Flow is an awesome time management tool that will appeal to many of you out there. With its beautiful design and simplified features, Day Flow is worth a try. Day Flow is available on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad for just $1.99. You can download it form here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5



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