Rumoured iPhone 6 Display Undergoes Tough Tests

Marques Brownlee uploaded a new video on YouTube that takes the next-gen iPhone screen through a durability test. The video shows Brownlee bending the flexible sapphire panel and trying his best to scratch it with a set of keys and knife.

The video starts with featuring the sapphire crystal that will now be used to make the display of next-generation iPhone 6. Currently, Apple uses sapphire crystal glass to make rear camera’s lens cover for iPhone 5 and later versions, and Touch ID sensor for iPhone 5S.

Brownlee shows the sapphire crystal glass that looks extremely clear. He puts the glass through some tough tests, scratching it with a pocket knife and a set of keys. The quality of the glass makes Brownlee unable to leave any scratches or marks on the display. Later, he performs bend test with no success in harming the display.

Despite being an expensive option, sapphire crystal glass is preferred by Apple as the display for next generation iPhone 6 because of its superior scratch protection quality and clarity.

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