Be A Professional Buyer With Auction Wars For iOS (Review)

auction warsDo you like watching auction programs? Do you wonder what it feels like to win a rare painting or an antique grandfather clock? Auction Wars, developed by GameDigits Ltd, allows you to step into the shoes of professional buyers and get the adrenalin pumping. Your job, in Auction Wars, is to predict the price of each object such that you walk away with a huge profit and hold off challenging opponents from winning the auction.

Content and Features

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Auction Wars: Storage King has a straightforward gameplay. In the beginning, you are provided with some cash to begin your career as a professional buyer. You are pitched against 3 other in-game opponents. Before the start of an auction round, you get to see each opponent’s characteristic, such as one opponent doesn’t like to get outbid, whereas another is only concerned with interesting objects. With this in mind you have to bid on the right storage locker.

Each locker contains objects that range from completely worthless to collectible items. Once you begin, you get some time to receive a tip on an object by tapping on it. The option to bid is on the bottom-right and to pass on the bottom-left. Once you press bid or someone else bids, the original price of the lot is increased by $25. The opponents are displayed on the top-left with their current bid shown next to them. The round ends when no one bids for a considerable amount of time after a fresh bid. Each round has different numbers of storage lockers to bid on, ranging from 2 to 5. As you progress, more levels are unlocked which give you the opportunity to receive more profit. As you make money, you earn the right to visit better auction houses, and the most successful ones are invited to enter a mysterious and prestigious auction house. Here, only the finest and rarest items can be won, like a big animal statue or a priceless vase.

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Moreover, Auction Wars has a multiplayer option that allows you to play with other people online. The leaderboard shows how you rank among your friends. To see your friends all you have to do is sync your Facebook or Twitter account with the App. All the objects that you have collected from your wins, including their price, are displayed in Achievements. Rare items are placed in a separate category. Lastly, when you win a rare item in the auction you are prompted to share this on Facebook and Twitter to earn a huge amount of bonus.

Design and Appearance


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Auction Wars has a simple and interesting interface. The graphics are good and animation is smooth. We really liked how the auctioneer speaks which makes playing Auction Wars much more fun. You will have no problem setting up the game and in no time start playing. However, the gameplay felt slightly repetitive as sometimes you have to play the same level again to make money. Also, you have to purchase Multiplayer feature separately.

The Good:

* Unique idea
* Easy Gameplay
* Challenging Opponents
* Fun to play

The Not So Good:

* Sometimes repetitive
* Multiplayer feature has to be purchased separately

The Verdict!

Overall, Auction Wars: Storage King is a unique and interesting game that you will surely enjoy playing. The developers have promised to regularly update the App with more items, locations and characters which will ensure that you’ll always have something new waiting for you. We recommend you to try Auction Wars as it is free to download for both iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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