Why The Play Store Needs Better App Curation


While the Google Play Store does trump Apple’s App Store in many areas, there is one area where it excessively lacks — App curation. While there are more than a handful of scammy and fake Apps on the App Store, the number is nowhere near that of the Play Store. Why? Bad App curation. A great example, one of thousands perhaps, is a free App called ‘Green Laser Pointer’ by fubb mobile.

The developer confidently advertises it as being a fully functional laser pointer, and the images show a laser beam extending from the top of your phone. What’s worse is that the App isn’t intended to be a joke or a spoof, rather, the developer writes in the description:

Now the real laser in your pocket!  Are you ready to use your phone as a laser?  50-100 dollar green laser pointer in the market to be having with this application for free.  You can also download for free and immediately begin the laser.

Obviously, that’s not the case.


When you first launch it you will be met by big annoying banner ads, and once you are rid of them, even more disappointment awaits. The App is simply an image of a laser printer, and once you turn it on, it shows a beam on the top of your screen. Clearly not what they advertised. Being in the top Free section in many countries, and with 500,000+ downloads, and over 5,500 ratings averaging 2.5 stars (majority probably fake/paid), this App is just a big advertisement itself.

It is also just one example among hundreds and thousands. This shows why Google needs to drastically improve its Play Store’s App curation, or risk losing the premium or legit feel to it completely.

Update: Since the article was written the App has been removed from the Play Store.

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