Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine For iOS — A Digitalized Magazine (Review)

mountain top lifestyle magazineMountain Top Lifestyle Magazine by Vision Genesis Ltd allows you to experience the feel of a print magazine in digital style. Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine makes it easy to enjoy uplifting and inspiring articles on the move or on your couch, whichever suits your needs.

Content and Features

Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine

The Magazine’s main purpose is to deliver the magazine to you instantaneously. The issues provide a vast variety of articles consisting of personal development, financial freedom, health issues, relationship advice, motivational articles, encouraging words, and life transforming messages. As the magazine is essentially a Christian magazine, the developers describe the articles as “filled with inspiring Christian articles.” Moreover, Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine provides you with religious content that other magazines lack.

Design and Appearance


Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine

The App has a neat and simple interface. We found the design to be quite user friendly and well-suited to the content of the magazine. If you own an iPad, you will find the App to be more useful and easier to use. Page turning sounds and animations and the easy to read design makes you feel as if you were actually holding the magazine in your hands. Upon downloading you might want to check your newsstand because that is where you will find Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine.

Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine’s Positives:

* Neat interface
* Broad range of articles

Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine’s Negatives:

* You have to purchase the App and the issues separately

The Verdict!


Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine

Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine is a pleasant read if you are interested in inspiring Christian articles. Also there are other topics to read from beside Christians orientated articles. However, we found that you have to pay $5.99 first to download the App and then pay extra money to purchase issues. We believe that although the issues should be purchased, it would be good to have the App free. You can buy a single issue for £3.99 or subscribe for £2.99 monthly subscription which is actually a good deal if you find the articles interesting. The monthly subscription automatically renews until you choose to cancel it. Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine is available on the App Store for $5.99 for iPad only. You can download it from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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