Minuum Keyboard Demonstrated on Android Wear — Join the Beta

minuumCurrently, Android Wear watches only support Google voice typing, which can be either inaccurate or difficult to do, especially outdoors. Enter Minuum Keyboard.

Minuum Keyboard is known for being extremely small and minimal, relying heavily on auto correction. It shows all the rows of a regular keyboard, but they are compressed into one tiny row, so when you press a letter you only tap in its general area and not the exact letter. Then, using advanced auto correction, Minuum Keyboard spells out the word.

Now, in a video on their site, Minuum has demonstrated this keyboard running on the LG G Watch and running perfectly fine. Although it isn’t available on the Play Store just yet, should you sign up for their newsletter, they have promised to send you a beta build to try out and provide feedback on.

Sign up for their Newsletter and the beta, here.

(Via Phandroid)

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