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knowzzSometimes searching for local services in a new or even your own neighborhood can be frustrating. You can ask your friends for recommendations on social websites but may not always receive a reply in time. Or you could look in the Yellow Pages but cannot be certain of the credibility of the listed services. This is where Knowzz – Trusted Local Services comes in. Developed by Knowzz Inc, Knowzz is a unique App which lets your friends and neighbors help you without them even knowing about it.

Content and Features


Knowzz supplies you with recommendations of nearby local services that include your friends’ suggestions. With Knowz, users  can recommend their favorite piano teacher, dentist, pediatrician, landscaper, and hair stylists in one click, directly from their contact list, which allows friends and family instant access to their most trusted service providers.

Setting up your profile is hassle-free. Tell Knowzz about your gender and residence and that’s it. Recommendations will be displayed under categories such as automotive, dentist, beauty etc. Next to each local service will be two thumbs up — one from your friends and one from someone nearby.  Moreover, if you like to find more businesses of a particular category you can always search for them. If you are still unsatisfied, you can browse a trusted friend’s recommendations to find a business. Furthermore, tapping on a business brings up the details from which you can call the service, save it, see which friends recommended this and view the location in Maps. Lastly, you can invite your friends directly from the App who do not use Knowzz. Even without friends, Knowzz does a pretty good job of hooking you up to a new local service. As Steve Sobolevsky, CEO and Founder of Knowzz says, “The biggest problem for me when searching these other sites is that I don’t know the person on the other end of the recommendation. With Knowzz, I’m able to see which friend made the recommendation, making my decision to hire that much easier.”.

Design and Appearance


Knowzz has a simple and straightforward interface. The services are easy to view and the information page contains all the information you need. The navigation bar at the bottom allows you to access Home, My Stuff (where your recommendations are), Find, Friends and More. In More, you can find the settings which comprises of terms of use and your phone number. Knowzz is quick to set up with a simple text message to register your contact number. This allows the App to access your contacts and location to generate nearby recommendations. It would be nice, however, to have the App sync to social websites.

The Good:

* Simple Design
* Friends’ Recommendations
* Complete Business Information
* Free

The Not So Good:

* Unable to sync to Social Websites

The Verdict!



Knowzz is a useful App for anyone who is looking for trusted businesses. It is pretty much automatic, and in no time you will be able to find credible local services in your or in a new neighborhood without breaking a sweat. We encourage you to try Knowzz as it is free to download for iPhone, iPad and Android. You can download Knowzz from the App Store here and Play Store here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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