iOS 8 Beta 3 Includes Wi-Fi Calling Feature

iOS 8

T-Mobile iPhones running Apple’s latest iOS 8 beta 3 software will now have Wi-Fi calling as a selectable option. iOS 8 beta 3 was released yesterday alongside OS X 10.10 Yosemite developer preview build.

Last month, Mike Sievert, chief marketing officer of T-Mobile, spoke about the inclusion of this feature in Apple’s final iOS 8 build. Rogers Wireless, a Canadian cellular provider, also announced that its network will be compatible with iOS 8’s Wi-Fi calling function during its rollout.

With Wi-Fi voice calling solution T-Mobile will offload incoming and outgoing calls to a local wireless network. This would take the load off the cellular network and would help ease bandwidth issues in congested areas. The local wireless network will offer a more reliable and stable connection with enhanced audio quality and better battery performance. The setting for enabling WiFi calling can be found under Phone Preferences in the Settings section of iPhone. The users are also required to enter their physical address for emergencies for Wi-Fi calling. Currently, T-Mobile subscribers can make calls from Wi-Fi networks as part of their monthly subscription.

The new feature is available for U.S. T-Mobile phones.

Image Credit: MacRumours

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