Google Play Store With Material Design Screenshots Leaked

material design

With Android ‘L’ 5.0’s announcement and developer preview release at Google I/O, Material Design was announced, being the successor to the current HOLO Android design scheme with much more depth, colour, and minimalism. However, there wasn’t much seen in the way of Google’s native Apps updated with the Material UI, but now AndroidPolice has posted what appear to be leaked screenshots of a newer version of the Google Play Store, one with the Material Design implemented.

The screenshots show a more visually appealing version of the marketplace, with the different parts in an App’s page being clearer and less cluttered, and more white areas and colour.

Since this is a very early leak, and the official version won’t be seen before Fall, the final version could include a lot of changes, or be even different altogether.

Check out all the images over at AndroidPolice.

(Via AndroidPolice)

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