Employees At Apple Avoided Lunch With Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

David Black, an ex-employee of Apple, in discussion with Business Insider talked about why Steve Jobs used to eat his lunch alone. Apple is Apple today because of Steve Jobs’s high standards and his interest in product design and development. According to Black, who worked with Apple for 12 years, Steve Jobs used to be very motivating and wanted his employees to be ready at all times. This meant being ready to answer Steve on what they were working on whenever they were with him. To avoid this meeting with Steve, employees used to finish their lunches within 15-20 minutes of Jobs entering the patio for lunch.

According to Black, all employees had to be prepared to answer one basic question, “What are you working on?” There are a number of instances where people have been in an elevator with Steve Jobs and got hit by this question.

In one instance, a Sales Representative shared the elevator with Jobs. Jobs asked him about his current work to which he replied that he’d been selling software all day. Another time, an intern was asked what he was working on when he was in the elevator with him. The intern replied he was doing QA, to which Jobs said, “Why are you going down? You should be going back up to work.” The intern turned pale and Jobs said, ‘Hey, just kidding.’

“It’s one of those things where he just does that to see how people respond,” Black said. “It’s a little bit of a power thing I think.”

Source: Business Insider

Image Credit: Cult of Mac

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