EleEditor — Make Your Notes Useful and Organized (Review)

eleeditorEleEditor, developed by Kdan Mobile Software, allows you to efficiently manage your Evernote notes and at the same time lets you edit them. EleEditor provides a user-friendly interface with flexible editing techniques. With cloud backing capabilities and a rich editor, EleEditor lets you create and edit a note the way you like and in a completely unique style.

Content and Features

EleEditor basically works with Evernote. Once you start the App three columns will be displayed. The first column allows you to send a bug or feedback report and access the guide. The second column provides access to your Evernote notes and to a browser. You can tap the Evernote thumbnail to sync your Evernote account and get access to the notes saved in Evernote. And the last column displays your recent notes. The guide, which is located in the bottom left corner (the ‘i’ sign) gives you an overview of the features. If you want to create a note you can swipe left to switch to EleEditor’s Note List. Your notes are displayed in thumbnails with a short menu at the top right that allows you to create a note. Tapping on any of your notes opens up the editor. In the editor, you can easily type in notes by selecting the ‘T’ button.


You can also add a photo via your camera, use a saved image or a video. Moreover, you can do all sorts of different things from the sidebar displayed in the editor. Use your handwriting to write a note and customize the font color, thickness, opacity etc. Furthermore, EleEditor provides a Scrapbook that stores stuff from your other notes and allows you to quickly use them in a new note. Tapping the arrow head in the editor brings up the scrapbook. EleEditor also provides a built-in browser to aid you in promptly locating a text in a website and copy the text from the website to save in the Scrapbook and it allows you to export your notes in a .pdf format to cloud services, Evernote or anywhere else with tags to help you search for them later. What makes EleEditor unique is that Evernote integration takes off the burden of making new notes, Scrapbook feature allows you to make new notes quickly and with the powerful editor, you can really create notes the way you just like them.

Design and Appearance


EleEditor has a plain and clean interface. The design is easy to navigate and the color scheme is rich. Your notes are organized in a neat order and syncing to Evernote and cloud storage is straightforward. Even the guide is brief and easy to understand. Though the interface is easy to navigate, you will experience some difficulties using EleEditor on your smartphone. Essentially the mobile version is a scaled down version of the tablet one. The font size is too small and tapping on the buttons is quite difficult.

EleEditor’s Positives:

* Quick Editing Features
* Straight-forward Editor
* Seamless integration of Evernote
* Browser and Scarpbook

EleEditor’s Negatives:

* Not suited to mobiles
* Editor can be a little difficult to use at first

The Verdict!


Overall, EleEditor is an all-in-one App to manage and create notes using material from other notes. Evernote integration provides you the benefit of using your notes stored on Evernote and organize them. We encourage you to try EleEditor as it is available free on the Google Play Store and for just $2.99 on the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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