CardNet For iOS — Create and Share Virtual Business Cards (Review)

cardnetCardNet, developed by Khaled Alateeqi, allows you to create virtual business cards that you can seamlessly share with other people or clients. CardNet fulfills all your professional needs and keeps you on top of your business and way ahead of other competitors.

Content and Features


CardNet has a simple interface. Create an account or sign in with Facebook. You are then presented with a brief tutorial that goes through the complicated steps. Basically, CardNet allows you to share your business cards with other people and clients while minimizing time and expense. It actually acts as a social App. You can add your details into CardNet such as phone number, Skype, email, website, photo, etc., which creates a virtual business card that can be quickly shared via Message, Email or Twitter. You can also send the business card to the contacts you have already saved, making your work much easier. Moreover, CardNet consists of a calendar that can help you keep track of appointments and meetings. One of the most useful feature that CardNet provides is the ‘shake’ feature. This feature allows you to send your details conveniently by shaking your device or press the shake option. You can also transfer details between users that have the CardNet App. Lastly, you have the ability to capture your physical business card to use with CardNet.

Design and Appearance


CardNet has a really straight-forward and intuitive interface. You will quickly learn the basics of CardNet and sharing details is hassle-free. You can also import your contacts. Features such as OCR, ability to capture card images and create virtual ones makes CardNet an invaluable App for professionals. Apart from some grammatical errors, such as error messages ‘You haven’t photo of your card’, this is a good App.

CardNet’s Positives:

* Brilliant Idea
* Simple interface
* Share Feature

CardNet’s Negatives:

* Some Grammatical Errors
* Shake feature does not always work

The Verdict!


Overall, CardNet provides the means to make new business contacts easily and help expand your business. It has features that put it way ahead of other Apps. If you are a business person, we recommend trying CardNet. As it is free, you can go ahead and download it from the App Store for both iPhone and iPad from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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